Eve Systems Introduces Eve Energy Outlet, Light Switch and Blinds

Elevate your smart home with the latest Matter-enabled devices of Eve Systems including the Eve Energy Outlet, Light Switch, and Blinds Collection.

This pioneering smart home company is bringing enhanced connectivity and functionality to your smart home ecosystem by announcing the launch of these devices.

Eve Systems Announces Eve Energy Outlet:

Say hello to the Eve Energy Outlet, an advanced smart home solution that smoothly integrates with your setup using Thread technology. This innovative outlet features two independently controllable receptacles, offering users remarkable control over their connected devices.

This innovative device of Eve Systems boasts advanced energy monitoring capabilities, allowing users to effortlessly track their device’s power consumption. Scheduled for release in February, this groundbreaking product will hit the shelves on both the Eve Store and Amazon, offering customers a compelling price point of just $50.

Smooth Integration with HomeKit:

The Eve Energy Outlet isn’t just a standalone device; it effortlessly integrates with other HomeKit products. This integration opens up a world of possibilities for automation and control through the Home app and Siri. Users can also conveniently monitor energy usage through the dedicated Eve app.

Matter-Enabled Light Switch and Blinds Collection:

Building on its commitment to innovation, Eve Systems has also unveiled Matter versions of the Eve Light Switch and the Eve Blinds Collection.

The Eve Light Switch is not just a replacement for traditional switches; it introduces intelligent features that elevate your lighting control to new heights. Anticipated to hit the market in the second quarter of 2024, this smart switch is priced at $50.

Simultaneously, the Eve Blinds Collection offers a range of made-to-measure smart blinds, providing a perfect blend of style and functionality. It is available for purchase on February 1, exclusively at the Eve Store.

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Q1: How does the Eve Energy Outlet enhance energy monitoring?

A: It offers advanced energy monitoring functionality, providing users with detailed insights into the energy consumption of their connected devices.

Q2: Can the Eve Light Switch replace traditional switches smoothly?

A: Absolutely! The Matter-enabled Eve Light Switch not only replaces traditional switches but also introduces smart functionality for enhanced control and automation.

Q3: When and where can I purchase the Eve Blinds Collection?

A: The Eve Blinds Collection will be available for purchase starting February 1, exclusively at the Eve Store.

In conclusion, Eve Systems is at the forefront of transforming your home into a smart living space. With Matter integration and a focus on efficiency and style, their latest offerings are set to elevate your smart home experience. Don’t miss the chance to embrace the future of home automation with it!

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