CES Press Conference 2024: Samsung Unveils AI Marvels

The theme of Samsung’s CES Press Conference 2024 in Las Vegas is: ‘AI for All.’ Join Jong-Hee Han as he unveils Samsung’s vision for accessible artificial intelligence.

Samsung’s CES Press Conference Focused on AI:

Samsung’s vision for AI is expected to be revealed at the prestigious Consumer Electronics Show (CES), emphasizing making it universally accessible. The organizer of the event is Jong-Hee Han. He is the CEO, Vice Chairman, and Head of Samsung’s DX Division. 

Samsung has kept certain information under wraps, but the general theme of “AI for all” points to a thorough summary of the company’s AI initiatives.

One of the anticipated highlights is the potential unveiling of Gauss, an advanced chatbot speculated to launch in the upcoming Galaxy S24 devices. Capable of diverse tasks such as email composition and coding, Gauss’s unique ability to upscale low-resolution images is expected to captivate audiences.

The Korea Times hints at an official announcement regarding the integration of Gauss in the Galaxy S24 series during a CES press conference. With the S24 line anticipated for release in mid-January, the CES stage serves as the perfect platform for this revelation, just a week before the expected launch.

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Samsung Beyond AI:

While AI takes the spotlight, Samsung, a prominent hardware manufacturer, is unlikely to confine the keynote to artificial intelligence alone. In past conferences, Samsung surprised audiences with announcements ranging from smart ovens with interior cameras to groundbreaking MicroLED and 8K televisions.

You can watch the CES 2024 action live from anywhere if you can’t be there in person. Tune in to the live stream on Samsung’s Global Newsroom site or the special YouTube channel.


1. How can I view the press conference from CES remotely?

The official YouTube channel and Samsung’s Global Newsroom website both offer live streaming of the CES conference so you can enjoy it while sitting at home.

2. When is the Galaxy S24 series scheduled to be released?

About a week following the CES press conference, the Galaxy S24 series is expected to be introduced in mid-January.

3. How does Gauss enhance low-resolution images?

The modern chatbot Gauss is anticipated to make its debut at CES 2024. Its distinctive ability to upscale low-resolution photographs gives it a new set of fascinating features.

In conclusion, the future of technology seems bright with the combination of AI mastery with cutting-edge hardware, as demonstrated by Samsung’s CES press conference.

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