Bolt EUV Unveiled: The Evolution of Chevrolet’s Electric Lineup

In a surprising turn of events, the Chevrolet Bolt EUV is experiencing record-breaking sales, just as rumors of its cancellation circulate.

General Motors, in response to the overwhelming popularity of its compact electric vehicle lineup, is set to unveil a revamped Bolt with advanced hardware in 2025. Notably, the next-generation Bolt will exclusively feature the larger Bolt EUV model.

The Rise of the Bolt EUV

GM officials confirmed that the upcoming iteration of the Bolt will be EUV-only, acknowledging the crossover’s dominance over its smaller counterpart, the Bolt EV. 

The company expressed enthusiasm, promising to reveal more details as the launch date approaches, emphasizing that the new Bolt will build on its current success.

Undoubtedly, the success story of the Bolt points towards the crossover model. While exact sales figures between the Bolt EV and the Bolt EUV aren’t disclosed by GM, the consensus is that the latter outsells the former by a significant two-to-one ratio.

Impressive Sales Growth

Between January and September, Chevrolet achieved a remarkable sales figure, with 49,494 combined Bolt EV and Bolt EUV units sold. This marks a staggering 125% increase from the same period in 2022. 

The Bolt twins have consistently been GM’s most popular EVs, despite occasional production challenges for next-gen EVs on the Ultium platform.

Affordable Appeal

In the current year, the Bolt series attracted numerous buyers, thanks to substantial price reductions facilitated by the Inflation Reduction Act’s electric tax credits. Combining federal and state tax credits with dealer discounts, many Bolt models found homes in the $20,000 range. It’s an attractive proposition for an EV boasting a respectable 259- or 247-mile range, depending on size.

Ageing Bolt and Revitalization

Yet, as the Bolt ages, concerns about its capabilities arise. Debuting in 2016 and joined by the Bolt EUV in 2022, the older Bolt is limited to 55 kW DC fast charging, making it less competitive in the range-addition race. Moreover, its outdated battery setup led to an initial cancellation earlier this year.

A Reversal and Evolution

GM swiftly reversed the cancellation decision, citing the persistent popularity of the Bolt. The forthcoming Bolt will abandon the older battery setup, adopting the Ultium batteries and architecture shared with other new EVs. This strategic move ensures scalability and profitability for GM’s electric endeavors.

Upgraded Features and Pricing Commitment

Contrary to a complete redesign, GM, led by CEO Mary Barra, promises an updated Bolt with lower-cost LFP batteries, faster charging, advanced safety features, and other substantial upgrades. 

Importantly, the plan is to maintain the next-gen Bolt at a similar pricing level, a critical consideration given the perceived high costs of EVs acting as a barrier to widespread adoption.

The Bolt EUV Legacy

Given the Bolt EUV’s triumph among crossover enthusiasts, GM’s decision to continue this trend as the sole Ultium-based successor is hardly surprising. If the automaker stays true to its commitment to combining this with an affordable price tag, another major success is almost guaranteed.

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Q1: Why is GM discontinuing the smaller Bolt EV?

GM has opted to discontinue the smaller Bolt EV due to the immense popularity of its larger counterpart, the Bolt EUV. The Bolt EUV has surpassed the Bolt EV in sales by a considerable margin, leading to this strategic decision.

Q2: What improvements can we expect in the next-generation Bolt?

The next-generation Bolt will feature lower-cost LFP batteries, faster charging, advanced safety features, and other significant upgrades while maintaining a similar pricing level.

Q3: How successful has the Bolt series been in terms of sales?

Between January and September, Chevrolet witnessed a remarkable 125% increase in combined sales of the Bolt EV and Bolt EUV, making them GM’s most popular EVs.

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