Audi and Porsche Recall EV Charging Cables for Upgraded Security

Renowned for their dedication to safety and innovation, Audi and Porsche are starting a recall on 240-volt Level 2 AC charging cables intended for plug-in hybrids and EVs.

This recall highlights their dedication to addressing potential concerns to guarantee a secure and reliable driving experience.

Audi And Porche Recall Charging Cables For EVs And Hybrids

Audi is recalling 93,196 cars, including a variety of plug-in hybrids, between the 2019 to 2024 model years in the US. While Porsche is presently recalling 41,345 cars. These vehicles include the Cayenne, Panamera, and Taycan. Together, Audi and Porsche have coordinated this recall to resolve a shared problem involving the AC charging cables.

The recall documents clarify that the problem does not originate from the vehicles themselves. Instead, Audi and Porsche have identified cases of “melting/overheating” incidents occurring when the supplied cables are plugged into NEMA 14-50 outlets.

The domestic outlets, or the wiring and circuit breakers attached to them, could be the source of these problems, according to the automakers.

Implementing Solutions for Safety

In addressing this prevailing problem, Audi and Porsche are taking active steps to improve safety. They plan to replace the current cables with upgraded versions that include temperature sensors. These sensors are particularly designed to identify and prevent overheating issues. The anticipated release date for these new cables is set for mid-2024. 

As we eagerly await these cables, both Audi and Porsche strongly recommend owners refrain from employing the 240-volt home charging cable. For the time being, it is advised that owners should go for the Level 1 110-volt cable for their charging needs. This serves as a temporary solution, ensuring a workaround until the improved cables are ready for use.

Charging Alternatives and Considerations

For some hybrids, using a 110-volt home charging cable may be sufficient. However, this might pose a challenge for all-electric models. Some affected vehicle owners may opt for wall box home chargers as an alternative to directly plugging the charging cable into an outlet.

Notably, a 2021 study suggested higher satisfaction among EV owners with wall chargers compared to charge cables, highlighting the importance of considering diverse home-charging options.

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Q1: How can Audi and Porsche owners obtain the upgraded charging cables?

Owners can acquire the enhanced cables free of charge from authorized dealerships once they become available, expected by mid-2024.

Q2: Are there immediate safety measures for owners during the cable replacement period?

Owners should avoid using the 240-volt home charging cable. Instead, they can use a Level 1 110-volt cable to charge at home until the upgraded cables are made available.

Q3: What alternative charging options are recommended for affected vehicle owners?

While waiting for the new cables, owners may consider using wall box home chargers as an alternative to directly plugging the charging cable into an outlet, based on individual vehicle compatibility.

In conclusion, Audi and Porsche’s commitment to safety is evident in their swift response to address potential concerns, ensuring the ongoing safety and satisfaction of their valued customers.

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