Apple Watch Series 10 Will Monitor Your Blood Pressure and Observe Sleep Apnea

The Apple Watch takes the lead in wearable tech. Bloomberg’s recent report unveils Apple’s exciting plan for the upcoming Apple Watch Series 10, with a focus on elevating health tracking to exceptional levels.

Apple Watch Will Monitor Blood Pressure and Detect Sleep Apnea 

Apple Watch enthusiasts have long awaited the integration of advanced health monitoring features. This next-generation watch is set to fulfill these expectations, thanks to a reliable source revealing plans for a blood pressure measurement feature arriving as early as next year. But what about the much-anticipated blood sugar measurement?

Creating a blood sugar monitoring feature for the Apple Watch was a 10-year endeavor. It all began in 2011 when Steve Jobs began over the creation of a blood glucose monitor that doesn’t require penetration. This vital undertaking remained confidential for a long time. The sensor’s creation was carried out discreetly through a subsidiary known as Avalonte, a name not even disclosed to job candidates during interviews.

The blood glucose sensor was intended to be the heart of the first-generation Apple Watch, unveiled four years later. However, Apple faced a considerable challenge – the technology’s current prototype was deemed too large for a smartwatch. Utilizing short-wave infrared absorption spectroscopy, Avalonte’s sensor used lasers to penetrate the skin and gather information about blood sugar from the transitional fluid between blood vessels.

Despite these setbacks, Apple’s commitment to improving health monitoring remains unshakable. The forthcoming Apple Watch promises exciting additions to its health features. Alongside the groundbreaking heart rate sensor that initiated this journey, users will have the exciting opportunity to embrace additional features.

These comprise the electrocardiogram (ECG) for heart health analysis, the SpO2 sensor for blood oxygen levels, and a skin temperature sensor. The next major leap, scheduled for next year, is the introduction of blood pressure measurement.

The Apple Watch’s Unique Approach

It’s worth mentioning that Apple’s method for measuring blood pressure is distinct from that of certain rivals like Xiaomi Watch H1 and Huawei Watch D. Rather than offering precise readings, the Apple Watch concentrates on showing blood pressure trends over time and giving notifications for high blood pressure.

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Apple’s vision for the future of the Apple Watch extends beyond blood pressure measurement. The next-generation device is expected to include the ability to detect sleep apnea, aligning with its commitment to comprehensive health monitoring. This development mirrors the capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6, further enhancing the watch’s appeal to health-conscious consumers.


Q1: When will the blood pressure measurement feature be available on the Apple Watch?

The upcoming watch’s next generation is anticipated to introduce a blood pressure measurement function. This thrilling and eagerly awaited new product is scheduled for release in the coming year. Get ready for its arrival

Q2: Will the Apple Watch offer precise blood pressure measurements like other smartwatches in the market?

This watch focuses on displaying trends in blood pressure over time and issuing alerts for high blood pressure, but Apple is actively working on a more precise sensor.

Q3: What additional health functionalities will be available with the upcoming Apple Watch of the next generation?

Alongside blood pressure measurement, this next-generation watch is anticipated to have the capability to detect sleep apnea, aligning with its comprehensive health monitoring approach.

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