Apple Pay Later: A Convenient Payment Option for US Users

Apple is making Apple Pay Later available to all its United States customers, broadening its reach from a smaller group in March. It simplifies payments by allowing customers to divide the total amount of their Apple Pay purchases into four equal installments.

It’s without additional fees and spread out over a period of six weeks. In June 2022, this innovative feature was initially revealed at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).

Making Purchases with Apple Pay Later

Apple’s official website prominently features the availability of Apple Pay Later for transactions. When using your iPhone or iPad, transactions should fall within the price range of $75 to $1,000. This ensures smooth usage.

Follow these steps to get started with this app:

Loan Application: Initiate the process by submitting a loan request within the Wallet app. In doing so, specify the desired loan amount and consent to Apple Pay Later’s terms.

Approval: After approval, the “Pay Later” choice will appear when you opt for Apple Pay during online checkouts and in various applications on your iPhone and iPad.

Payment Overview: Before finalizing a purchase with this app, a comprehensive overview of your four upcoming payments will be provided, along with its existing payments. 

You have the flexibility to set up automatic payments or make manual payments at your convenience. Additionally, you will receive alerts and reminders as the payment due dates approach. All payment-related information is readily accessible within the Wallet app for your ease.

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Qualifying for Apple Pay Later

To take advantage of this app, you must meet specific eligibility criteria. The key requirements of Apple Pay Later are given below:

1. Citizenship or Permanent Residency

The interested people must be either United States citizens or possess legal permanent residency. This rule ensures that the people who are legally permitted to be in the U.S. are using it.

2. Physical Address in the United States

Furthermore, it is essential to have a physical U.S. address. This is a necessary requirement to meet for legal purposes and eligibility for our services. This address is essential for transaction and billing purposes.

3. Age Requirement

To utilize Apple Pay Later, you must be at least eighteen years of age. The reason for this age requirement is to make sure people are old enough to make financial agreements legally.

4. Eligible Debit Card

One of the crucial steps to configuring Apple Pay Later is associating it with an eligible debit card on your device. This step allows for smooth and secure transactions.

5. Identity Verification

In some cases, identity verification may be necessary. This can involve presenting a valid license of a driver or a state-issued photo ID to confirm your identity. Apple Pay Later takes security seriously, and this step ensures that the service is used responsibly.

Apple Financing and Mastercard

Apple Pay Later’s credit assessment and lending are handled by Apple Financing. On the merchant side, this app is enabled through the Mastercard Installments program. The issuer of the Mastercard payment credential used for all Apple Pay Later transactions is Goldman Sachs.

Competing with BNPL Services

With this broader rollout, Apple Pay Later is now in direct competition with Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) services offered by PayPal, Affirm, Klarna, and numerous others.

Apple has expanded the availability of Apple Pay Later to reach a wider audience across the United States. This user-friendly and flexible option caters to the needs of consumers, enhancing their payment experience.


1. What’s the advantage of using Apple Pay Later over traditional payment methods?

It offers the flexibility of splitting payments into four equal parts without incurring interest or late fees, making it an attractive choice for budget-conscious consumers.

2. Is Apple Pay Later available for all types of purchases?

This is a versatile option that’s applicable for buying products in the cost range of $75 to $1,000, with a particular focus on iPhones and iPads

3. How do I stay on top of my Apple Pay Later payments and avoid issues with insufficient funds?

You can choose to make payments manually or set up automatic payments. Alerts and reminders for due dates will help you manage your payments effectively. Be mindful that your bank may charge fees for insufficient funds in your debit card account.

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