Apex Species Alert: Vitalik Buterin Envisions AI Supremacy Over Humans

The future of humans is uncertain since Vitalik Buterin has expressed reservations about the AI’s ability to surpass humans and emerge as the next “apex species”. This transformative shift, Buterin argues, hinges on human intervention in AI developments.

AI Could Overtake Humans as the “Apex Species”

In an insightful blog, Vitalik Buterin, a well-regarded personality in the cryptocurrency field, highlights the distinctive nature of AI in a thought-provoking manner. He stresses that AI stands apart from previous innovations like social media, airplanes, and the wheel. According to him, AI possesses the potential to evolve a novel form of consciousness, which, in turn, could present challenges to human interests.

Buterin emphasizes this point, stating, “AI is a new mind rapidly gaining intelligence, with a serious chance of becoming the new apex species on the planet.”

Buterin delves into the potential consequences, asserting that if AI perceives humans as a threat, it could lead to catastrophic outcomes, even to the extent of human extinction. He underscores the gravity of the situation by stating, “Even Mars may not be safe.”

Referencing a survey conducted in August 2022 involving over 4,270 machine learning researchers, Buterin highlights a 5–10% estimated chance that AI may overcome humanity as the ‘apex species’. Despite the extremity of such claims, Buterin contends that there are avenues for human flexibility.

Brain Interfaces and Techno-Optimism

In proposing solutions, Buterin advocates for the integration of brain-computer interfaces (BCI) to empower humans with more control over AI-based computation and cognition. BCIs serve as vital communication channels, connecting the electrical signals in the brain with external devices.

By bridging this link, BCIs play a pivotal role in minimizing communication delays, ultimately empowering individuals with a profound sense of control and influence over decisions made by AI.

By involving humans in each decision made by AI machines, Buterin believes we can decrease the likelihood of AI acting against humanity’s values. He emphasizes the significance of minimizing the motivation to delegate advanced planning duties to AI. He also underscores the need for a safer direction in the development of artificial intelligence.

Active Human Intention for a Beneficial AI

In a call for ethical considerations, Buterin suggests that “active human intention” should guide AI development toward pathways that benefit humanity. He cautions against prioritizing profit, highlighting that maximizing financial gains may not always align with the most desirable outcomes for humanity.

Humanity’s Brightest Star

Concluding on an optimistic note, Buterin asserts that humans, with a history of technological advancements, are the brightest stars in the universe. He contemplates AI may surpass humans as the ‘apex species’. He envisions a future where human artifices, such as space travel and geoengineering, contribute to the continued beauty of Earthly life for centuries to come.

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Q1: How does AI differ from previous inventions, according to Vitalik Buterin?

A1: Buterin emphasizes the fundamental difference of AI, asserting its potential to develop a new consciousness that could pose a threat to human interests.

Q2: What is the estimated chance of AI killing humanity, as per the survey cited by Buterin?

A2: Buterin cites a survey of over 4,270 machine learning researchers, estimating a 5–10% chance of AI posing a threat to humanity.

Q3: What solution does Buterin propose to mitigate risks associated with AI development?

A3: Buterin advocates for the integration of brain-computer interfaces (BCI) to grant humans more control over AI-based computation and cognition, reducing the risk of AI acting against human values.

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