Android 14 QPR2 Revolutionizes Mobile Updates with Faster Installation Speed

Experience lightning-fast updates! Android 14 QPR2 revolutionizes installation speed on Google Pixel smartphones. Users now report optimizations in minutes.

Google revolutionized mobile updates with smooth and faster updates introduced in 2016, eliminating extended downtimes during software updates on Pixel smartphones. However, a significant challenge emerged: seamless updates took a considerable time to install in the background.

The good news is that Google seems to have addressed this issue in the Android 14 QPR2 beta, ushering in faster and more efficient installations.

Swift Installations in Android 14 QPR2

Pixel owners on r/Android_beta have reported a remarkable improvement in installation speed with Android 14 QPR2 beta. Some users highlighted that the optimizing process now completes within a few minutes.

This positive trend is further affirmed by tipsters and even Android Police’s senior Google editor, Manuel Vonau, who updated his Pixel 7 to Android 14 QPR beta 1 in under 20 minutes. 

Pixel 6 users also experienced a boost in update installation speed, indicating these enhancements are not exclusive to a particular model.

Google’s Efforts for Speed

In December 2022, Android expert Mishaal Rahman discovered Google’s concerted efforts to expedite OTA update installations. Efforts were made in the Android Open Source Project to enhance performance. These improvements focused on handling Copy-On-Write (COW) operations in groups and using dual threads for compressing snapshots.

The outcome? A noteworthy 10-minute decrease in the installation time. This positive change was observed specifically when dealing with a complete 2.2GB Over-The-Air (OTA) file on a Pixel 6 Pro device

Tipster Moshe suggests that Pixels influence their more powerful mid-cores to accelerate the optimization process. While this may lead to increased battery usage during updates, most users are likely to find this trade-off acceptable for faster installations.

Users actively seeking to apply updates will particularly appreciate the noticeable reduction in wait times. For those who casually await updates, the enhancements might not be instantly noticeable. However, the importance becomes clear when you realize that even a basic security patch installation on a Pixel used to take approximately 30 minutes to an hour.

Seamless updates utilize two virtual system partitions, allowing Pixels to install updates to the inactive partition while powered on. This automated process takes place quietly in the background, utilizing idle moments. It used to require almost an hour in the past. 

After this, a restart becomes essential, during which the Pixel smoothly transitions to the freshly updated system partition. This improvement significantly reduces the time needed for this operation.

Future Adoption

The extended installation time associated with faster and smoother updates likely explains why other Android phones have yet to implement this feature, despite its existence for over seven years. Although Google was rumored to make seamless updates mandatory with Android 13, flagship phones, including the Galaxy S23, launched this year without the feature. With the speed improvements introduced in Android 14 QPR2, there is hope that other Android manufacturers may adopt seamless updates in their 2024 flagship phones.

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1. How do seamless updates work on Pixel smartphones?

Seamless updates utilize two virtual system partitions, allowing updates to be installed on the inactive partition while the phone is powered on and idle.

2. Will the faster update installations impact battery life?

According to tipster Moshe, the use of more powerful mid-cores to speed up the optimization process may result in increased battery usage during updates, but the trade-off is generally acceptable to users.

3. What improvements does Android 14 QPR2 bring to update installations?

Android 14 QPR2 introduces significant speed enhancements, reducing the time it takes to install updates, as reported by Pixel users and confirmed by experts.

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