Breaking News! Android 14 Creates Problems for Pixel 6 Users with Multiple Profiles

Numerous Pixel 6 users have encountered concerning issues following their update to the recently released Android 14 OS on October 4th. Some users have reported critical problems related to internal storage, leading to a loss of data.
Additionally, other users have experienced peculiar UI launcher crashes. This article delves into the emerging issues faced by Pixel 6 users after updating to Android 14, shedding light on potential solutions and recommendations.

Strange Bugs and Concerns After Updating to Android 14:

Following the rollout of Android 14 on October 4th, a number of Pixel 6 users have reported troubling issues. One prominent issue is the loss of access to internal storage, resulting in a complete data loss.

Some users encountered repeated UI launcher crashes, adding to the growing concern. Notably, these issues seem to be prevalent among users who have multiple accounts set up on their devices.

The Impact on Users:

One affected user highlighted encountering “storage is full” errors after rebooting their device post an overnight update to Android 14. Another user stated they lost complete access to internal storage. These experiences highlight the gravity of the situation, leading to data loss and the need for phone resets.

Unluckily, Google has not issued an official fix or response at this time. However, some users have reported that switching to a secondary profile can resolve the storage access problem.

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Understanding Multiple Profiles:

Multiple profiles on Android 14 function similarly to user accounts on Windows or macOS. They create distinct spaces on the device, each with its unique apps, settings, and customizations. This allows for the use of a single phone or tablet by different individuals.

While commonly used to separate work-related content from personal use, these profiles offer the flexibility of using various Google accounts on one device, with easy switching between them.

Unraveling the Android 14 Dilemma:

In the absence of official guidance from Google, it is challenging to pinpoint the exact cause of these issues. However, it appears that Android 14 is encountering confusion when handling multiple profiles. Curiously, this issue seems isolated to Pixel 6 models, making the situation even more puzzling.

Recommendations for Pixel 6 Owners:

If you own a Pixel 6 smartphone, exercising caution before updating to Android 14 is advisable until Google addresses and resolves these reported issues.

Particularly if you utilize multiple profiles, it might be cautious to hold off on the update. Staying vigilant and informed about updates and fixes from Google is crucial to ensuring a smooth and trouble-free Android 14 experience on Pixel 6 devices.

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