AI Unveils The Beatles’ Final Song ‘Now and Then’ for Streaming

The Beatles’ final song, titled “Now and Then” is now streaming using artificial intelligence. This much-anticipated release has sparked immense interest among fans of the legendary rock band. This release stands out for its unique production story.

Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr used advanced technology and machine learning to bring back to life an old, low-quality recording created by John Lennon. Their extraordinary effort brought new life to this historic recording, making it a truly special release.

The Beatles’ final song Now and Then Is Now Streaming, thanks to AI technology

Back in the mid-’90s, McCartney, George Harrison, and Starr joined forces to work on “new” songs for The Beatles’ Anthology albums. They successfully transformed Lennon’s demos into full-band arrangements for tracks like “Free as a Bird” and “Real Love.” However, their attempts to work on “Now and Then” encountered significant hurdles.

The original tape of Lennon’s “Now and Then” demo posed a challenge due to technical issues. McCartney explained in a mini-documentary, “In John’s demo tape, the piano was a little hard to hear. And in those days, of course, we didn’t have the technology to do the separation. Every time we wanted a little bit more of John’s voice, this piano came through and clouded the picture.”

Ultimately, the project involving McCartney, Harrison, and Starr came to a pause without completing “Now and Then.” McCartney admitted, “I think we kind of ran out of steam a bit, and time. And it was like, ‘I don’t know. Maybe we’ll leave this one.’” Sadly, the song gathered dust in a cupboard for years, and the passing of George Harrison in 2001 further dimmed hopes of its completion.

The Revival of “Now and Then”

The turning point arrived earlier this decade when director Peter Jackson was working on his comprehensive Get Back documentary for Disney Plus. Jackson’s team pioneered a technology that utilized machine learning to dissect and separate various components of music, even ancient demos. This breakthrough prompted McCartney and Starr to revisit “Now and Then.”

With this newfound technology, McCartney recorded a bass track, Starr contributed drums, and producer Giles Martin crafted a string arrangement reminiscent of the band’s early days. Although details about Harrison’s past recordings on the completed track remain scarce, McCartney assured that they retained his parts from the Anthology sessions. He also played a slide guitar solo in Harrison’s distinctive style.

While fans may have had concerns, all parties involved in the project, including the estates of nonliving members, expressed their contentment with the culmination of “Now and Then.” Sean Ono Lennon, son of John Lennon, remarked, “My dad would’ve loved that because he was never shy to experiment with recording technology. I think it’s really beautiful.”

McCartney shared the sentiment, saying, “To still be working on Beatles music in 2023… wow. We’re actually messing around with state-of-the-art technology, which is something the Beatles would’ve been very interested in. ‘Now and Then,’ it’s probably like the last Beatles song. And we’ve all played on it, so it is a genuine Beatle recording.”

The Legacy of “Now and Then”

Even if “Now and Then” marks the Beatles’ final hurrah, it’s an exciting testament to the potential of track separation technology. This innovation could breathe new life into countless recordings, some predating the Fab Four, in the years to come. The Beatles’ journey continues, bringing their music to new generations and preserving their timeless legacy.

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1. What is the significance of the “Now and Then” Song in The Beatles’ music catalog?

“Now and Then” holds a special place as the first new Beatles song since 1995. It showcases the band’s enduring creativity and innovation.

2. How did modern technology play a role in completing the “Now and Then” Song?

Director Peter Jackson’s team used advanced technology and machine learning to dissect and separate components of the original recording, making it possible to complete the song.

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