AI Prompted for Robot Walking Task Quickly Generates a Small, Squishy Object

A team of researchers prompted an AI to devise a robot capable of walking. The outcome was an odd creation, described as “small, squishy, and misshapen,” using spasms induced by air.

The researchers, linked to Northwestern University, MIT, and the University of Vermont, documented their results in an article for the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences on October 3.

A Group of Researchers Prompted AI to Design a Walking Robot

“We instructed the AI to craft a walking robot. With a simple button press, voila”. Sam Kriegman, the lead researcher and an assistant professor at Northwestern University,  recounted in a separate blog post.

Within 26 seconds, the AI formulated a blueprint for a robot “bearing no resemblance to any earthly creature,” Kriegman elaborated.

Starting with a little rubber block, the AI built many shapes until it reached the ideal model that could walk. After being pumped with air by a researcher, the finished design moves.

Kriegman admitted uncertainty regarding the peculiar shape of this walking object and the presence of holes. “When humans design robots, we lean towards familiar objects,” Kriegman stated. He further said: “AI, however, opens new and unexplored avenues.”

The notion of these AI-generated walking objects is not groundbreaking. Boston Dynamics, for instance, has spent over a decade crafting objects like these.

Nonetheless, Kriegman’s findings showcase the unconventional results emerging from the fusion of AI and robotics.

In August of the previous year, a Polish beverages company appointed Mika, as its CEO. It is an AI-powered humanoid robot. It operates non-stop without weekends.

Additionally, in July, when asked about a possible revolt against its creator, an AI-driven object in Geneva appeared to examine reporters with doubt.

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